Self-Love Through Photography

We are enough, as we are right now.

Your journey with Embody Photography will allow you to begin or extend your quest in self-love. What we capture through photography will serve as a reminder of the courage and strength you displayed in deciding to treat yourself to this experience.

It’s important to remember—whether you come for a glam session, a boudoir session, or for lifestyle, business, or event portraits—that we will treat them all as a unique experience in your exploration of self-love.

pei photographer - portraits, maternity and boudoir

Photography Services

Know that you will never be judged in my studio. While you may feel I am looking at only you, I am also studying lighting and developing poses and providing direction to capture the best you, the warrior, and the strength we each have hidden away for too long.

pei photographer - portraits


pei photographer - boudoir


pei photographer - maternity


pei photographer - portraits, maternity and boudoir

About Angela

In my journey to become a photographer I decided—as with everything in my life—it would have to have meaning and joy that could be shared. This is why I am offering my services in portrait and boudoir photography.

I have had the good fortune to travel around the world and work in several different professions. My husband and I settled in Prince Edward Island in 1995 and raised our children here, so they could feel the grass between their toes and the ocean spray in their hair.

The inner warrior we all have needs to become more of a presence to help us over our struggles—over the walls and through the canyons and up the mountains placed in front of us each and every day.