Prairie Provinces

Our prairie provinces span from east to west, beginning with Manitoba and ending with Alberta, with the flat province of Saskatchewan situated in the middle. It’s worth noting that once you cross the border from Manitoba into Saskatchewan, you may witness the unique sight of your dog running away for days due to the vastness of the landscape. While some might assume that the scenery in these areas remains unchanged, it is important not to be deceived.

In Manitoba, my personal favorite region is the north, characterized by numerous lakes and untamed wilderness that exudes a raw and unparalleled beauty. This stands in contrast to the more populated southern part of the province, which boasts well-maintained landscapes. Saskatchewan, on the other hand, showcases a diverse range of horizons, adorned with farmlands and cities, offering an ever-changing and captivating view for those seeking awe-inspiring sights.

As for Alberta, it holds a special place in my heart as it is now home to my children. I may be a bit biased, but the beauty found in this province is truly remarkable. Starting from the east, the landscape gradually transitions from expansive prairies to the majestic Rockies in the west. Glacier-fed lakes, snow-capped mountain peaks, and seemingly endless skies provide a lifetime’s worth of breathtaking vistas, all within a few hours’ journey.

Visiting Manitoba Summer 2024
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Visiting Saskatchewan Soon
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