Portraiture photography is a captivating art form that focuses on capturing the essence and personality of an individual or a group. It involves skillfully composing and lighting the subject to create a visually appealing and emotionally engaging image. At Embody Photography we will strive to bring out the unique qualities and expressions of our subjects, whether it’s their joy, vulnerability, strength, or any other aspect that defines them. Through careful attention to detail, such as posing, facial expressions, and background selection, we aim to tell a story and evoke a connection between the viewer and the subject.

Family and Groups

Family and group photographs hold a special place in our hearts as it captures the essence of togetherness and love. These photographs will serve as timeless reminders of the bonds we share with our loved ones. Group photos allow us to freeze a moment in time, preserving memories that will be cherished for years to come. They capture the laughter, the joy, and the unique dynamics that make each group special. Family and group photographs not only document the present but also become a cherished heirloom for future generations, allowing them to glimpse into the lives and connections of their ancestors. It is a beautiful way to celebrate the importance of family and the power of human connection. We have the perfect backdrop whether indoors or out to capture that special group of people.


Graduation photographs capture a significant milestone in one’s academic journey, preserving memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. These photographs symbolize the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and personal growth. Each photograph tells a unique story, reflecting the joy, pride, and sense of accomplishment felt by the graduates and their loved ones. From the meticulously arranged caps and gowns to the beaming smiles and triumphant poses, graduation photographs freeze a moment in time, encapsulating the excitement and anticipation of embarking on new adventures and pursuing dreams. They serve as a tangible reminder of the friendships forged, the challenges overcome, and the knowledge gained throughout the educational journey. Graduation photographs are not just pictures; they are cherished keepsakes that evoke a flood of emotions and serve as a testament to the perseverance and success of those who proudly wear their graduation regalia. Give us a shout for you graduation photographs, we not only include a graduation photo to be hung on the wall but will do group shots with family and friends if so desired.


Individual photographs capture moments frozen in time, a carefully composed portrait has the ability to convey a multitude of messages and elicit a range of emotions. They serve as windows into the past, allowing us to revisit cherished memories, celebrate milestones, or simply appreciate the beauty of the world around us. With their ability to transcend language and cultural barriers, individual photographs have become a universal language, connecting people across time and space. Let Embody Photography create those memories for you.


Planning a special event allow us to capture the essence and excitement of the occasion. We will do our best to preserve the emotions, interactions, and atmosphere of the event. We will navigate through crowds, anticipating and capturing candid shots, as well as orchestrate posed group photos.